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PCSbiofuels Technology -  CO2 Neutral, Reduces Methane, and Generates Energy


PCS means Polymeric Carbon Solid. PCS Technologies has developed a patented, industrially scalable process, which can harness this process to produce green energy while being CO2 neutral, and methane negative, can be widely distributed, and is highly profitable.


PCS is a polymeric conversion process for biomass. Almost any Cellulose based waste in an aqueous suspension is changed into a high energy density Polymeric Carbon Solid biofuel at temperatures above 200 C under increased pressure. The resulting CO2 neutral solid biofuel can be burned or be employed in other standard industrial applications.

PCS Technologies is now available for license.


We are now licensing the PCS biofuel process to progressive companies around the world who want to join in the green energy solution.


If you want to be part of this revolution please contact Peter Dodge at PeterDodge@pcsbiofuels (dot) com

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